About the Akhal-Teke Registry

Our database, which is dedicated exclusively to the Akhal-Teke horse, now contains more than 4,218 entries. We want to promote the understanding and the advancement of this wonderful horse. And so, we have made the registry database available to all. It is a labor of love and not a commercial venture. The small fee we charge for using the registry  will help sustain the web site and to encourage continued development .

For more than a decade, while we gathered this information on Akhal-Teke horses from various national, international, and private sources, we tried to find an affordable and user friendly system to provide to you this information. This release is only the first, background portion of our database.

The registry contains all horses listed in the recently published Russian General Studbook Number 10 (X), all of their ancestors going as far back as the records go, in some cases to the late 1800s, plus numerous other horses from Studbooks Number 9 and 8 that potentially may or may not have left living descendants. Our primary focus is on the living horse population. The 10th General Studbook shows data only up to the year 2000, so we will try to bridge those last ten years by releasing information first on American horses (both North and South American) since we already have them in the database, and after that will come European and Asian horses, as many as we can find. We hope that with your help we can maintain for you updated information on most living Akhal-Tekes, regardless of their current geographic location.

Above all, we hope that not only the Akhal-Teke breeders and owners, but also all of you who wish to one day have one of these magnificent horses, and for now would like to know more about them, will find this database useful, and by your participation will help us develop this service further.

The database itself is one of the most complete and detailed sources of information available on the registered Akhal-Tekes on the web. While we entered only verifiable information from the official studbooks and other official documents, we certainly may have made some errors. This database is presented to you for general information only, and anyone wishing to get official information on horses̢۪ pedigrees or registration status should contact the Russian General Studbook directly.

In our database horse identification numbers have either a prefix rs for registered stallions, or rm for registered mares, to distinguish between the official duplicate numbers. Since many breeding horses were entered in the General Studbook without a number, we invented numbers, often using the number of the dam dash year of birth. Horses are cross-referenced by parentage, you can trace complete pedigrees and view them in different ways. Whenever available, you can view one or more photo images of a horse. Currently the database contains 1,937 images. The database search engine allows finding a horse by name, blood line, breeder, official identification, and owner. number.

The following is a list of the items of information maintained for each horse, depending on availability:

Horse Name
ID Number
Grading Class
Body Length
Chest Circumference
Cannon Circumference
Conformation Grading
Conformation Notes
Year Graded
Reproductive History
Performance Discipline
Performance Records
Present Location
Owner Lookup
Purchase Date
Original Ref
Neuter Date
Known Deceased
Death Date
Registration Number
Breeding Notes
Date of Birth
Blood Line
Marking Info
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