Privacy Statement


Akhalteke-Registry does not share or sell your email address to any third party. Your email address is never displayed on a web page in such a way that it would be readable by web spam or data mining 'bot' programs. Your email address is not added to any mailing distribution lists without your expressed permission.

Personal Information

Any information about you that you may provide or that might learn will not be displayed on the site, nor will it be made available, either through free distribution or sale, to any third party. Any information regarding fee payments that we collect as part of the payment transactions that you may make are strictly confidential. At no time does our website become involved in the internet transfer or storage, even temporarily, of any of your private sales transaction information, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.


The site is carefully secured from intrusion by hackers. Sensitive information is stored in encryped form. You are advised that your login password for accessing the database-- as supplied by the system at the time of your subscription purchase-- is stored by the system in unencrypted clear text form. If you change your password, it is advisable to invent a unique password specifically for this site.

Browser Technology

The website software does not place cookies or special code of any kind with the intention of controlling your browser for commercial purposes not related to the operations of the system. We do not insert or hide code on your computer, whether for tracking your web usage for commercial or research purposes, or any other reason not related to normal functioning of the site and your browser when using the website.
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